Indiabulls Personal Loans:

Indiabulls Personal Loans are made available to you by Indiabulls Consumer Finance Limited (IBCFL), the retail finance branch of Indiabulls Ventures Limited. Besides personal loans, this NBFC also offers Business Loans & Secured Loans, thereby catering to salaried individuals as well as, small & medium business owners. Their finance solutions have always been held in high regard due to the Group Name and the experience it has in the housing finance & real estate sector.

Today, Indiabulls Personal Loans are a huge hit with today’s tech-savvy generation, especially after the introduction of the Indiabulls Dhani App. An innovative app can help you get loans from Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 15 lakh with just a few taps & clicks with an entirely web or phone-based process.  There is no physical documentation and the app can provide you almost instantaneous transfers directly to your bank account.

Indiabulls Personal Loan Eligibility:

Worried about Indiabulls personal loan eligibility? Well, don’t be! As long as you are an Indian citizen above the age of 21 with a minimum income of Rs. 2, 00,000 per annum, the Dhani app will approve your application. Both salaried & self-employed individuals are eligible. A credit score of above 700 is always helpful and if you don’t have a credit score, don’t fret it – they will accept first-time borrowers if the rest of your financial profile is acceptable.

Indiabulls Personal Loan Rates & Charges:

Indiabulls personal loan rates are delightfully low – the Dhani app provides rates as low as 11.99%. However, depending on your loan amount & financial backing, rates can go as high as 19%. As far as charges are concerned, the processing fee is usually between 0.5% & 5% of the loan amount and is negotiable. However, the best part is that, for loans up to Rs. 20,000, there are no prepayment charges. Besides these, there are some other charges you need to be aware about and it is best you speak to one of the executives to get a better of the same. But the charges are generally very low and when combined with the already low Indiabulls personal loan rates, they make for a very affordable borrowing solution.

Indiabulls Personal Loan Documents:

Indiabulls Personal Loan Documents are few & convenient. We have stated them below to give you a better idea & help you apply with ease:

  2. A selfie picture
  3. Access to Net Banking
  4. Address Proof (anyone): Aadhar Card, Rent Agreement, Driving License, Utility Bills, etc.

Once you’ve submitted these documents on the app, you won’t have to worry about Indiabulls personal documents again. This is because the app does not require you resubmit the documents once you’ve applied & successfully repaid a loan on the app.

Indiabulls Personal Loans on ApnaLoan:

At ApnaLoan, we want to make the process of applying for an Indiabulls Personal Loan easier. That’s why we provide you with instant quotations; all you have to do is fill our simple application form. We will then put you in touch with one of their executive who will have prepared the best offer for you!