EMI Calculator

Equated Monthly Installment or commonly known as EMI is the amount you pay back in installments to the financial institutes towards the repayment of loan. Your Loan EMI consist principal and interest component. In the beginning the interest component is higher than the principal component and over a period of time the interest component decreases vis-à-vis the principal.

Our easy to use EMI Calculator will help you to quickly determine the monthly installments you are likely to pay on repayment of your loan.

You just have to enter some basic information like:-

  1. Loan Amount you wish to avail
  2. No.of months you will like to repay the loan
  3. Rate of interest you expect from the lenders

You can also use the slider to increase / decrease the values in the input parameters. The resultant EMI will be displayed on the EMI calculator.

The calculator will also display the total outgo in terms of principal and interest component for the entire tenure of loan.

While the required loan amount and interest rate remaining constant, you can increase / decrease the tenure as per your comfort level. Increasing the tenure will decrease your EMI amount but at a same time will increase the interest component amount and vice versa.

You can also compare EMI’s at different interest rate offered by financial institutes to choose the most suitable option as per your affordability.